Being “Green”

It’s hard! The amount of trash we generate as a family of 3 is amazing to me, my husband as well. We recycle, compost and use the disposal, but we are still amazed at our ability to create trash and recycling. This has really started weighing heavy on Michael’s mind, mine as well. So we have made a concerted effort to cut down on disposable drink containers. A small step, I know, but a step nonetheless.

I am amazed at how hard this is for me, but our son already lives this way (for the most part). He is very conscience about trash/recycling. Something I was not the least bit concerned about at 7. I am so happy to see his “norm” is unconscious. It’s just what he does. His actions give me so much hope for our future trash situations.

I also really enjoy seeing the creative American spirit of people, hard at work, figuring out ways to capitalize as well as conserve. We now own 3 awesome and durable metal water bottles from one of our favorite stores. They made a sale and we have avoided using lots of drink containers. I consider this a win-win.

Happy Spring! Now let’s dig in the dirt!